Everyone delivering a function of public nature, like care or support has a legal duty to respect, protect and fulfil the UK Human Rights Act- are all of your staff trained?

We work with a number of residential care homes across the UK to build the capacity of staff to meet their legal duties under the Human Rights Act. Years of work in residential homes evidences the notable difference for service user experience and staff retention in services where human rights training has been made mandatory. We offer various capacity building packages from 1 day training sessions to blocks of in depth training to monthly or annual programmes. These are;

  • Standard training package- This tried and tested 10-4 pm session covers; An introduction to human rights and the Human Rights Act. An introduction to the Equality Act. Key human rights relevant to residential care and Using human rights and equalities in practice. We also offer a follow up session to reinforce staff learning. 

  • Dementia and human rights training- This training is for staff working with people with dementia. Our training supports staff to make those difficult decisions surrounding capacity and human rights. “What do we do if an individual wants to eat meat but her daughter tells us she should not as she used to be vegetarian?” These are not small or easy decisions we give staff the knowledge and confidence to make these in a way which upholds human rights law. 

  • Bespoke training packages- We work with your care home or supported living complex to develop a bespoke human rights training package using real day to day examples which staff find difficult to navigate. This might be the balancing of family member’s rights with individuals; making difficult decisions around capacity or how to involve people equally.

  • Evaluation - We evaluate the difference these programmes make- using both quantitative and qualitative data- which we then share with the project partner.


“An informative and enjoyable day of training.”

“Great training with relevant practical examples.”

“Fantastic training, really enjoyed it and can’t wait till next year.”

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