Do you want to ensure that your charity or organisation is meeting your legal duties under the UK Human Rights Act?

We’ve helped numerous diverse charities and organisations embed human rights in policy and practice through our 5 step consultancy programme.

The bespoke programme of work led by our expert staff team can support your organisation to evaluate, implement and monitor the protection of human rights either holistically or in a specific area of work.

Our tailored 5 step consultancy over 15 months offers organisations;

  1. A project scoping report which sets out examples of best practice used by similar organisations to respect, protect and fulfil human rights in organisational policy and practice.
  2. In depth consultation with service users, staff and wider stakeholders to hear their views on how your organisation could better embed the human rights principles of participation, accountability, non-discrimination, empowerment and legality in policy and practice.
  3. Capacity building sessions providing staff and/or service users with expert training on human rights law in the UK and what this means in practice for your organisation. This capacity building empowers service users to know and claim their rights and equips staff with the knowledge and confidence to embed their legal human rights duties in their daily practice.
  4. A custom made tool which sets out indicators for each human rights principle and offers your service a red, amber or green rating for each based on in depth stakeholder consultation.
  5. Expert recommendations on next steps for your organisation in moving towards being a human rights based organisation, where policy and practice is developed and implemented according to human rights law.


“Today we have learned about our rights in the UK, it has been very helpful for me.” Service user
“This is the first time in my role as a Fundraiser that I have met and planned with service users. It’s been incredibly helpful.”  Fundraising Officer
“This process has allowed us to stop and reflect. We want to ensure we are a human rights based organisation but sometimes it gets lost in daily practice. We must continue this process after BIHR leave.” Staff member
“This project has helped us towards a culture of human rights which is bought into by everyone working in the organisation regardless of job title. We will all work from a rights based approach and not out own individual values.” Staff member


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