Do you work for an NHS Trust and need support to embed a human rights based approach in policy and practice?

When you embed a human rights approach, everything else falls into place naturally. We have years of experience supporting NHS Trusts to embed a human rights based approach for their staff, service users, families and carers. We offer bespoke packages of work which could include all or a mixture of;

  • Commissioners capacity building- build the capacity of commissioners to make human rights based decisions. Evidence shows that when commissioners are trained, outcomes for service users, their families and carers are more rights respecting. 
  • Leadership capacity building- support your leadership to implement and monitor a human rights based approach through tailored managerial human rights training. We work with leaders to shape supervisions and appraisals using human rights. 
  • Staff capacity building- build the capacity of staff from a specific team or a number of different teams within the trust to make rights respecting decisions in their everyday practice. Crucially, as legal experts we can support staff to navigate other pieces of legislation such as the Mental Health Act or the Mental Capacity Act alongside the Human Rights Act. 
  • Empower service users, family members are carers- Principle 1 of the Care Act is empowerment. To empower people you must provide everyone with accessible information about their rights. Do you do this? We offer workshops for people who use services, their families and carers across the UK to empower them with the knowledge they need to claim their rights, challenging decisions which are not rights respecting. We also co-produce bespoke tools with each group which they can continue to use for a long time after project end.
  • Evaluation- We evaluate the difference these programmes make- using both quantative and qualitative data- which we then share with our NHS Trust partners. We also produce an outcomes report at the end of each consultancy. 


“I can hear staff saying, what about human rights when talking about cases.” NHS Staff member

“A human rights approach ensures that the patient is at the centre of our care-improved decision making.” NHS staff member

“Working with BIHR has ensured that my team feel able and supported to make difficult decisions in a rights respecting way.” NHS Team manager

“Today I’ve been able to share my views about caring for my husband and what information could support me.” Family member

"Before today I thought that the Mental Health Act trumped everything. Now I understand how to apply it alongside the Human Rights Act." NHS Staff member

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