Course             Human Rights Based Approach to Person Centred Care

For                   Health and Social care providers and planners 

Venue              Leigh Day (London Office) Priory House, 25 St. John’s Lane, London EC1M 4LB

Dates               This is a one day course (10am-4pm) and will be run on Wednesday 4th March 2020

Cost                £150 per participant

This course will:

  • Give participants a solid understanding of their legal duties under the Human Rights Act and what this duty looks like in practice 
  • Show how a human rights approach can support person centered care 
  • Show how a human rights approach can help services navigate other legal frameworks (such as the Mental Health Act or Mental Capacity Act)
  • Illustrate key human rights with real examples of human rights in practice
  • Learn how to use a practical framework for making human rights based decisions about service provision

Quotes from recent course participants

"Well delivered and thought provoking. I am now really keen to think how we can frame all of our policies from a human rights perspective." NHS Commissioner

"I thought the whole programme was well designed and the interactive sessions were really helpful"  Health Care Manager

"I was challenging things using emotional language and not being listened to. I realise now I can use legal language and be more effective" Mental Health Nurse

"Enjoyed the whole programme. Gained more confidence and knowledge about human rights law and how it shapes our service practice. Excellent trainer." Health Care Manager 

Use the booking system here to express your interest in the course and we will get in touch regarding payment arrangements nearer the time.

*Note that when registering interest the amount states 0, as detailed above the price of this course is £150 pp. 

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