To achieve the project aims, the project has 4 key phases which you can read about below:  

Supporting children, young people and their parents and loved ones to know and claim their rights when accessing Children and Young People's Mental Health Inpatient Services and working together with BIHR to build the capacity of staff based on lived experience. This phase has various parts, including:  

  • Workshops with children, young people and their parents/loved ones to build human rights knowledge and confidence and map experiences to human rights which can be used in staff training. 
  • Working with these groups to create and amend human rights learning materials for staff ensuring the human rights training staff receive is reflective of lived experience of these services. 
  • Employing 2 Lived Experience Expert Consultants to further develop and deliver our staff capacity building programme and our open access workshops with us. To find out more and apply, click here.

Supporting NHSE CAMHS inpatient staff to respect, protect and fulfil human rights in every single interaction, every day as well as support to embed human rights systems and processes which can change policy and practice. This will be driven by phase 1 of the programme, key elements are:  

  • Human Rights Learning Programme. All staff working within NHSE CAMHS inpatient settings can sign up to a 2-part human rights learning programme. (The learning programme developed above in phase 1 and delivered by BIHR and Lived Experience Expert Consultants). NHSE controls when dates are released and how the dates are allocated by Provider. 

    "As a minimum, each Provider has been allocated 20 places on this course. The Taskforce will advise individual Providers where an increased allocation will be applicable. We would expect these places to be distributed evenly across the different units and wards within your organisation." 

All NHSE CAMHS inpatient providers should now have been contacted by NHSE to sign up, if you have not been, please get in touch with the taskforce who will send you the sign up information. 

  • Human Rights Practice Leads Programme. Offering 48 staff members within NHSE (3 from each Provider Collaborative) the opportunity to further develop their human rights knowledge and confidence with a 5-day intensive course and dedicated mentoring. Having practice leads within NHSE systems and services creates an opportunity for long-term, sustainable human rights change. Information about how to sign up will be provided during the learning programme above. Note, staff must complete the learning programme to be considered for the practice leads programme.  

Open access free human rights support for children, young people, parents, loved ones, self/advocates and lived experience groups. 

  • Half-day human rights workshops creating spaces for people who haven’t been involved so far to learn more about their rights when accessing Children and Young People's Mental Health Inpatient Services. These workshops will be created and delivered online by BIHR and Lived Experience Expert Consultants.
  • Each workshop will have 30 available places. We are starting with 5 dates but if there is enough interest we will look to deliver additional workshops.   

Click here to find out more and register for our first workshop on Tuesday 2nd November.