This week's human rights news is all about the Rights Removal Bill.

On 22nd June 2022, the Government published a new Bill that would get rid of our Human Rights Act. They're calling it the Bill of Rights - but it's exactly the opposite. This is a Rights Removal Bill and represents the latest step in plans to reduce their responsibilities to uphold the human rights protections people rely on every day across the UK.

Our CEO, Sanchita, wrote a response to the new Bill, saying: "“People and power, that's what our Human Rights Act is about, and it's what this Government's plans to reduce our protections are about - weakening our rights and reducing their responsibility to us. Every single day people rely on our Human Rights Act, because we know this world isn't perfect. Working with 1000s of people each year, including public officials, we know people won't be fooled by this power grab by the Government.”

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There's lots to be concerned about in the Government's plans. We've written plain-English guides to some of our key concerns. Each one focuses on an important change being made by the Bill and what that could mean for all of us.

Up now, you'll find two guides on:

We'll be adding guides for our other key concerns soon. 

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At the same time as publishing the Bill, the Government published its report on the responses to the Human Rights Act reform consultation. The Government received over 12,000 responses to the consultation and the overwhelming majority do not support the changes the Government wants to make with its Rights Removal Bill. We wrote a news story about this and how it adds to concerns we already had about the way the Government has gone about the whole consultation process.

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It's more important now than ever to stand up for our human rights. We've updated our template letters that you can use to write to your MP with questions and actions they can take to help us stand up for human rights. 

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