This week’s news is a Queen’s Speech special edition!

On Tuesday 10th May 2022, Prince Charles read the Queen’s Speech 2022

At the beginning of every parliamentary session, the Queen reads a speech in the House of Lords. It’s read by the Queen but written by ministers and sets out the UK Government plans for the upcoming year. This year it took place on Tuesday 10th May 2022, and it confirmed the Government wants to introduce a new Bill of Rights that would replace our Human Rights Act.

Our CEO, Sanchita, wrote a response to the speech

In it, she said: “People won't be fooled by the Government's attempts to dress up a new law that lessens their accountability to us, as something positive by calling it a bill of rights. We all know rules matter, not just the rules the Government wants to play by, but the rules that make sure we can hold them to account for treating us with dignity and respect. People won't be fooled; we know that our Human Rights Act matters every day, to everyone, and that's why it must stay.”

You can read her full response here.

After the speech, the Government released a Lobby Pack with more details about their plans.

There was some confusing and misleading information in the Lobby Pack. For example, it said: “The Bill will extend and apply across the UK.” This statement makes it look like the Bill will be inclusive of all the countries of the UK – but there’s no detail outlining how the Government intends to introduce it in devolved nations.

We put together some top tips on how you can spot misleading information like this in our recent blog.

We also hosted a free, online event on 12th May all about our Human Rights Act.

Annie talked about how the Act works now and how it protects us all. Natalie talked about the recent Human Rights Act Reform Consultation and the problems many people faced in responding to it. Florence talked about our five key concerns about the proposed changes, which you can find on our Human Rights Act Reform hub.

Keep an eye on the hub for clips and highlights from the event as well as notifications about future events.

We launched our new resources at the event!

Katie introduced our FAQ document, which covers topics such as what the Human Rights Act is, who it applies to and how we can use it. There are also Easy Read FAQs on our website.

Lauren announced our new series of Lunch & Learn workshops. We’ll be running four free sessions starting on Friday 20th May for people who want to campaign to protect the Human Rights Act from reform. Whether you are new to campaigning or an experienced activist, this workshop series is open to all.

Florence talked about the first of our new briefing sheets. These go into greater detail about each of our five key concerns. The first one is about changes to the definition of “public authority”.

Helen shared our social media pack, which is full of images and suggested captions that you can use to help us spread the word about Human Rights Act reform.

We created a plain-language Explainer on how laws are made.

The Government is planning to introduce a new Bill replacing the Human Rights Act. However, this does not mean that this Bill will be law. For a Bill to become a law (or an Act), there are a number of stages that have to be followed. Our Explainer discusses the difference between Bills and Acts, how a law is made and what this might mean for changes to the Human Rights Act.

We’re expecting more announcements to follow about the Government’s plans for the new Bill. To stay up to date and get all our new resources as they’re released, sign up to our Human Rights Act Reform campaign list.