We're continuing to create new resources and information to help you stand up for our Human Rights Act.

Our meeting with the Commissioner for Human Rights

On 30th June, our Head of Policy, Carlyn, met with the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic. The Commissioner is creating a report on human rights in the UK and Carlyn shared with her our concerns about the Rights Removal Bill.

Watch Carlyn's video on her meeting with the Commissioner:

You can read the Council of Europe's press release here, saying that the United Kingdom "backsliding on human rights must be prevented".

You can also read an article in the Guardian about the Commissioner's concerns here.

Our Need to Know guide to jury trials

The Government says its Rights Removal Bill will "recognise that trial by jury is a fundamental component of fair trials in the UK." Article 6 of our Human Rights Act protects our right to a fair trial, across the UK. Jury trials are already an essential part of this.

Read more about jury trials and why this does not provide us with any new human rights protections.

Our highlights from our Lunch & Learn Campaigning Workshops

During May and June 2022, BIHR ran a series of 4 FREE online lunch & learn workshops for people wanting to campaign to protect the Human Rights Act from reform. This workshop series was open to all, from new campaigners to experienced activists.

We've written a recap of what was covered in the series, the impact this had on the people who attended, and how you can find out more information and take action.

Read all about our workshops and watch clips here.

Our new briefing for MPs

Our Human Rights Officers have created briefings for MPs outlining specific key concerns about the Rights Removal Bill, alongside links
to more detail, cases and real-life stories which explain the impact these changes will have on people. Ultimately though we are asking MPs to reject this new Bill in its entirety and support our existing protections under our Human Rights Act.

Read the full briefing here.

Our guide to our Human Rights Act in practice

At the British institute of Human Rights (BIHR), we see the value of the Human Rights Act (HRA) every day in our work with people accessing services, community and advocacy groups and staff working in public services. Drawing on BIHR’s work, our new guide provides practical examples of how the Human Rights Act benefits people across the UK to live with dignity and respect.

Read the full guide here.

Our new questions and actions to ask of your MP

One way you can help stand up for our Human Rights Act is to contact your MP to show how much you care about human rights. We want to ask MPs, the elected politicians who represent us, to protect our rights. We've put together a list of questions you can ask your MP to ask the Justice Secretary, as well as actions your MP can take, to help oppose the Rights Removal Bill.

See all our questions here.