This week's human rights news continues with new information and resources to help you respond to and take action to oppose the Rights Removal Bill.

On 22nd June 2022, the Government published a new Bill that would get rid of our Human Rights Act. We’re calling this a Rights Removal Bill because rather than introducing new rights, it merely removes access to the ones we already have and removes the Government’s responsibility to uphold our rights.

We're creating plain-English guides to some of our key concerns. Each one focuses on an important change being made by the Bill and what that could mean for all of us.

This week, we published our guides on how the Bill:

Keep an eye on our Rights Removal Bill hub for more Need to Know guides coming soon.

We also updated some of our full-length briefings on key issues with the Government’s plans to scrap our Human Rights Act. Check out our briefings page for updated information on:

We also co-signed a statement from 125 civil society organisations, coordinated by Human Rights Consortium Scotland. The statement says the UK Government’s proposals are out of step with political and public opinion in Scotland and calls for the Rights Removal Bill to be stopped.

Read the full letter here.