Today, Monday 23 May, the UK government is being examined on its record to implement and protect children’s rights as part of its commitment to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The CRC is the main piece of international law that deals with children’s rights specifically, which the UK ratified (pledged its commitment to it) it in 1991. The CRC is the most ratified treaty in history, almost every country across the world has agreed to it. Like other international treaties, an expert committee was also set up to monitor countries compliance with the rights in the CRC and every five years this reporting process happens (although often it’s longer than this!). It was in 2008 that the CRC Committee last looked at the UK’s record on children’s rights, and today they’ll be looking for signs of progress from their last set of recommendations as well as the current children’s rights situation here in the UK.

Check out BIHR’s CRC Hub for our Factsheets and Film about the CRC, including the rights it protects, the UN process, and how the CRC and our Human Rights Act work together:

The UK Government have already submitted a report to the Committee setting out how they think they’ve met and implemented international standards on children’s rights. Civil society groups, including those working directly with children, have also submitted a report giving their perspective on how they think children’s rights are being protected in the UK. BIHR has been involved in this process as part of the Steering Group coordinated by Children’s Rights Alliance for England who have been leading on the civil society work (together with colleagues in the devolved nations).

The reports from children and groups working with and for them are important because it helps ensure the Committee get a thorough and balanced picture of the children’s rights situation here at home. Taking these in to account, the Committee will ask the Government a number of questions specifically relating to the rights in the CRC and how the UK Government has made progress to implement these.

The examination, which takes place at the UN in Geneva, is being live streamed on Monday 23 May (15.00 – 18.00pm) and Tuesday 24 May (09.00am – 12.00pm). You can watch here.

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