9 May 2018

This Friday, our Director Sanchita Hosali, will be speaking at the annual conference of the National Association of Principal Educational Psychologists, focusing on how human rights can underpin values in leadership.

Sanchita will look at how educational psychologists can encounter human rights issues on a daily basis in their work to support positive outcomes for children and young people. For example, to what extent are children’s rights to autonomy or participation in the community fulfilled through educational provisional and support?

These rights are protected by the Human Rights Act, which contains practical legal duties that can be used in everyday work to secure the best for children. As human rights applies across the board to a range of public services, it provides a unified language educational psychologists can draw on when working with, and sometimes challenging, other officials.

Human rights, whilst based on shared values, provide a specific framework that can be used in practice. Principal Educational Psychologists have a vital role in showing leadership to support staff to use human rights in everyday work, transforming policy and practice.

We will be tweeting from the event, follow us on @BIHRhumanrights

NAPEP promotes positive, inclusive outcomes for children and young people in educational and community settings, through the application of psychology to influence and advise on the leadership and management of Educational Psychology and other specialist services.

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