3 May 2017

The British Institute of Human Rights is supporting a petition by Mark Neary calling on party leaders to protect the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights in the upcoming election.

Mark knows first hand how important our human rights laws are; it was these laws that gave Mark a voice when the local council wouldn't return his son Steven home following respite care. Steven, who has autism and severe learning difficulties, became distressed when he was parted from Mark, and the council were considering moving him to a care home 150 miles away, in Wales. It was the Human Rights Act, which makes 16 of the rights contained in the Convention part of UK law, which helped bring Steven home.

Speaking to BIHR in our newspaper Human Writes Mark told us:

This is why Mark has started a petition to ask political leaders to commit to protecting the Human Rights Act and the Convention. This is a position shared by BIHR. We do not believe that human rights should be a political football, but rather all parties should recognise the value our protections provide to every person and stand firm our Human Rights Act and the Convention.  

Watch and share our 2 min video on the Human Rights Act, which you can find here.

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