BIHR’s Director, Stephen Bowen, was delighted to be invited to Norwich by the Sheriff of Norwich William Armstrong OBE and Junior Lawyers Division of the Norfolk and Norwich Law Society on 3 March 2015 to kick off the city’s Magna Carta Norwich 2015 lecture series.

William Armstrong said: “The fundamental messages of Magna Carta are that no-one is above the law and everyone is entitled to justice. Although sealed in an age very different from our own, its principles continue to have relevance and it remains a symbol of our liberties and rights.”

Councillor Alan Waters, Norwich City Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for resources said: “It’s really important to celebrate this anniversary, not just in a bid to preserve our history but also for its relevance to us today. The Magna Carta is the basis of our fundamental civil liberties; some of which are currently under threat.”

Part of BIHR’s Magna Carta Series of public lectures, Stephen explored how in the 800 year anniversary of that ancient document its modern incarnation, the Human Rights Act, is subject to political threats which should concern us all. He spoke about the value of universal human rights, a journey which starts but did not end with the Magna Carta, and how everyone has a role to play in ensuring this legacy continues to be a reality today.