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Online Human Rights Training Courses

It is now more important than ever that everyone working in health and social care has an understanding of what the Human Rights Act is and what it means for everyday practice. We have two upcoming sessions

- A repeat of  and Introduction to the Human Rights Act and the Coronavirus Act for Anyone Working in Health and Care (in England) on 5 May at 10.30am 

- Human rights, coronavirus and health and care legislation and practice in Scotland on 6th May at 2pm

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Govt. Guidance on the Mental Capacity Act and DoLS during Covid-19

We take a look at the government guidance  for Hospitals, Care Homes & Supervisory Bodies on the Mental Capacity Act & DoLS during Covid-19.

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From applause to action: let’s protect those caring for us during Covid-19

Policy and Programmes manager Carlyn addresses the issues around the human rights of health and social care staff during the Covid-19 emergency. 


Laptops and Lightbulb Moments: Online Human Rights Training

At BIHR when we are discussing our favourite parts of our jobs, without fail, one person will say “the lightbulb moments”. These are the moments when a person we are working with, whether it be a member of a community group, a social worker or a person accessing services, makes that connection between human rights and their lives or the work they do every day. How do we continue these moments when we can't train face-to-face anymore?

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Court hearings via video 'risk unfairness for disabled people'

Remote video trials could disadvantage people with learning disabilities, the equalities watchdog has warned, as courts switch to online hearings during the coronavirus crisis.

An interim report by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has highlighed concerns about the impact of conducting cases without defendants being present in court.

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Government successfully appeals in ‘Right to Rent’ case

On 21st April 2020, the Court of Appeal allowed the Home Office’s appeal in the ‘right to rent’ case. 

Notably, the Court of Appeal agreed with the High Court’s view that the scheme does result in landlords discriminating against tenants without British passports on the basis of their actual or perceived nationality. However, the Court held that this discrimination was justified.

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Rights groups quit police body over stun gun use against BAME people

A number of civil society organisations have quit the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s independent Taser advisory group in protest, claiming no meaningful action is being taken to address the disproportionate use of stun guns against BAME people.

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