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Human rights open training courses
We still have a few spaces left on our human rights open training courses.
At BIHR we aim for the light bulb moments- when people make the connection between human rights and the work they do every day. We move human rights from the law books to everyday life, using real examples and a practical human rights based approach.

Available Dates:
Wednesday 26 February- Human Rights Based Approach to Social Justice (ONLY A FEW SPACES LEFT)
Wednesday 4 March - Human Rights Based Approach to Person Centred Care 
Tuesday 10 March - Human Rights Based Approach to Social Justice

Social Justice and Human Rights
This Wednesday was World Social Justice Day. We take a look at how human rights can be used for positive social change.

News from Elsewhere 

Serco given £200m contract to run two more immigration removal centres

A private firm that runs an immigration removal centre dogged by allegations of abuse has been awarded a £200m contract by the Home Office to run two more such centres.

Serco, which runs Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire, would take over Brook House and Tinsley House immigration removal centres near Gatwick airport from May 2020 for eight years, the Home Office said.

As recently as last week, Yarl’s Wood was caught up in controversy after a Nigerian woman told a court hearing she was thrown to the floor “like a bag of cement” in an incident involving 11 Serco guards.

The Guardian


Immigration rules post-Brexit could fuel modern slavery, say charities

The proposed closure of UK borders to low-skilled workers after Brexit risks driving vulnerable EU citizens into modern slavery, charities have said. They warned the ban will lead to a boom in a black market for low-paid workers that will be exploited by criminals and lead to coercion and abuse.

The Guardian


Vice-President of the Strasbourg Court Robert Spano’s response to Jonathan Sumption’s Reith Lectures

Judge Robert Spano deliver edthe inaugural Bonavero Institute Human Rights Lecture entitled “The Democratic Virtues of Human Rights Law” in which he responds to Lord Sumption’s Reith Lectures on the BBC last year.

Full speech – UK Human Rights Blog


Emergency law to keep terrorists in prison for longer could make public less safe, official report finds

An emergency law to keep terrorists in prison for longer could make Britain less safe, an official report has warned.

The Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation said current conditions inside jails “suggest that keeping prisoners in custody any longer than necessary may be to expose them to worse influences than if released”.

The Independent

Over half of UK women killed by men die at hands of partner or ex

More than half the women killed by men in the UK in 2018 were killed by a current or former partner, many after they had taken steps to leave, according to a report on femicide.

The fourth Femicide Census, conducted by the campaigner Karen Ingala Smith, found 149 women were killed by 147 men in 2018. The number of deaths is an increase of 10 on the previous year and the highest number since the census began.

Of the deceased women, 91 (61%) were killed by a current or former partner. Only 6% of murders were committed by a stranger.

The Guardian


Call for probe after man begging for help died in custody

A formal complaint has been sent to Police Scotland and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon about the case of a man called Alan Hay who died in police custody after alleged misconduct by officers.

A letter sent by lawyer Aamer Anwar, published today by The Ferret, formally requests an investigation into the actions of Police Scotland after a fatal accident inquiry (FAI) found that officers mocked Hay when he begged them for help.

In a 122-page ruling last week Sheriff Linda Ruxton said police officers could have spared Hay “a great deal of suffering” if they had sent him to hospital when his condition deteriorated overnight.

The Ferret


Failure to protect women from domestic violence is a breach of Article 3 of the Convention

The European Court of Human Rights continues to make it clear that a failure by member states to protect women from domestic violence is likely to cross the high hurdle of the prohibition on degrading and inhumane treatment under Article 3. In the latest decision, Affaire Buturuga v Romania (App No. 56867/15), (available only in French) the Court found a breach of articles 3 and 8 in respect of a failure to investigate adequately and/or take action on complaints of domestic violence and awarded €10,000 general damages.  

UK Human Rights Blog

Liverpool hospital sorry after dementia patient left in urine and faeces

A hospital has apologised after an elderly dementia patient was left in his own urine and faeces for several hours. Khawaja Anwar, 82, was admitted to Royal Liverpool University hospital on 3 February after breaking two bones in his pelvis during a fall in his garden.

His wife, Nargis, made a formal complaint against the hospital after noticing dry excrement on his gown, which had “been there for some time” after he woke up.

The Guardian