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Read our latest blog! In this one, our Director Sanchita provides commentary on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) latest report – the final report on their review into the use of restraint, seclusion and segregation for Autistic people and people with learning disabilities and/or mental health conditions. Sanchita urges us to see the use of restraint as a human rights issue and calls for staff to be better trained and supported to use human rights in their work. What’s more, Sanchita reminds us that commissioners themselves are key for accountability in the care sector. Commissioners must start from the basis that their job is to ensure respect and protection of people’s human rights.

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During the pandemic, we’ve been working hard to translate the huge amount of new law which has been passed into plain language Explainers which explain the law across the UK and how it impacts human rights.

You can find all our law and policy Explainers on our Coronavirus hub. Last week we put together an Explainer on the CQC’s recent report, ‘State of Care 2019/20’, which assessed the state and quality of care in England over the past year – you can read our Explainer here.

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  1. Covid-19 drive to clear hospital beds left some of those discharged with unmet needs and no support

"The drive to rapidly clear hospital beds at the start of the pandemic left some of those discharged unsupported with unmet care needs, research has found.

More than four in five of those discharged between March and August 2020 (82%) did not receive a follow-up visit and assessment at home, with 18% of this group reporting an unmet care need, found a survey of 352 patients and 177 carers of people discharged during this time."

Community Care, 4 November 2020


  1. Court order removing disabled man from home breached human rights

"A disabled man’s human rights were breached after he was forcibly removed from his home through a court order obtained without proper evidence or his case being heard, the Court of Appeal has ruled."

Community Care, 3 November 2020


  1. Judge says care home residents in England are legally allowed visitors

"A senior judge has said friends and family can legally visit their loved ones in care homes, in an apparent challenge to recent government policy that has in effect banned routine visits in areas of high Covid-19 infection."

The Guardian, 3 November 2020


  1. Mental Health Act detentions three times higher in most than least deprived areas, as race gap widens

"Mental Health Act detention rates are three and a half times higher in the most than the least deprived parts of England, while racial disparities have also widened, new data shows, according to new data."

Community Care, 29 October 2020


  1. Covid in Scotland: Holyrood votes for 'immediate' care home inquiry

"MSPs have demanded that the Scottish government holds a public inquiry into Covid deaths in care homes.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly said such cases will be included when an inquiry into the Scottish government's handling of the pandemic takes place."

BBC News (Scotland), 5 November 2020


  1. Government says ‘Covid-secure’ care home visits will be allowed during England lockdown

"Visits to care homes will be allowed during England’s one month-long lockdown under strict Covid-secure measures, including communicating through windows and behind screens, the government has announced."

The Independent, 4 November 2020


  1. Four-week cancer treatment delay raises death risk by 10% – study

"Delaying cancer treatment by just four weeks increases the risk of death by up to 10%, according to new research that shows the devastating impact of missed NHS treatment targets due to Covid."

The Guardian, 4 November 2020


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There has been a lot of sad human rights news this week, and we know it can be overwhelming. Why not take a moment to read our blog, Value of Human Rights in Health and Social Care: from Covid-19 and beyond, to remind yourself and reflect on the value that human rights have in helping us achieve dignified and independent lives.

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