News from BIHR

1. BIHR Supports Inquest’s call for the Government to amend the Judicial Review & Courts Bill to introduce automatic non-means tested public funding for bereaved families at inquests.

This week BIHR has joined a coalition of organisations asking the Government to level the playing field at inquests by introducing automatic non-means tested public funding for bereaved families. You can read the full letter here.  

In this thread we explain why proper access to inquests is essential to ensuring that the Right to Life is fulfilled.

2. BIHR speaks at Amnesty International’s UK Student Conference

At the weekend, we went along to the Amnesty International UK Student Conference! At a workshop about celebrating the Human Rights Act's 23rd birthday, we talked to student activists and provided an introduction to the Act, how it works and why it matters. The students then took part in some craftivism, creating placards to show those in power why the Human Rights Act is a powerful tool for change.

Pictures coming soon!

2.Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) Decisions: BIHR is supporting the campaign led by the Stop People Dying Too Young group.

Alongside our friends at Inclusion North, Learning Disability England, Difference North East, BIHR are supporting the Stop People Dying Too Young group’s campaign to the UK Government about their actions on DNARs.

The campaign is asking the Ministerial Oversight Group on Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation to involve people with lived experience in their work. The Ministerial Oversight Group was set up after the Care Quality Commission wrote a report called ‘Protect, Respect, Connect – decisions about living and dying well during Covid-19’. Find out about the experience-based research BIHR led with people on the use of DNAR orders, and our input to the CQC report here.

The Stop People Dying Too Young group have co-produced a letter that to the Ministerial Oversight Group. You can read the letter here or click on the image below. Over 80 organisations have already signed the letter, showing this is an issue that lots of us have concerns about, to encourage the Ministerial Oversight Group to listen and act. You add your name to the letter before 26 November 2021 Here.

3. Our Human Rights Act Matters

It is less than a month now to Human Rights Day (10 December) we are asking people, groups, and organisations all across the country to share with us “Why our Human Rights Act matters…”. 

If you would like to take part in our campaign you can share a photo of your reasons for #WhyOurHumanRightsActMatters and share it on social media (remember to tag us or use #WhyOurHumanRightsActMatters). Just like Ian has done below!

Find our more here.

This week #WhyOurHumanRightsActMatters blog was shared by Kirsten. Kirsten shares why our HRA mattered for her son and continues to matter for us all when challenging restrictive practice in mental health hospitals. Kirsten is a single parent of an autistic son who, from the ages of 14-18, was held in mental health hospitals and subjected to restrictive practices, including mechanical restraint and long periods in seclusion. Kirsten is currently working with BIHR as a lived experience expert consultant on our Human Rights in Children's Inpatient Mental Health Services project.

Content Warning: This blog covers stories of seclusion, restraint and experiences within mental health services which are distressing.

Read Kirsten’s blog here.

4. Community Project Hub

From July 2021, we have been developing our approach to working with communities through our new Co-design a human rights support “solution” with BIHR project.

This new programme of work seeks to support community groups and voluntary groups to find human rights “solutions” to problems or issues they face. Initially, the aim is to develop this approach with a small number of partners as pilot project, to then develop our long-term offer to community groups. Our support is intended to enable groups to address the day-to-day issues where rights are risked, creating positive change within imperfect systems.

We are delighted to be working with four fantastic organisations to bring this project to life: HopscotchRoom to HealTogether (Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights), and Warrington Speak Up.


News From Elsewhere

Supreme Court to hand down judgement on JB Case

The Supreme Court will hand down the judgement on the JB Case which look at mental Capacity and sexual relations next Wednesday.

The judgement will be published here:

Do you want to find out more about role of human rights law when decisions are being made about a person’s mental capacity relate to having sex?

Read this Explainer to get up to date before Wednesday: