27 May 2021

News from BIHR

10 years on from Winterbourne View

Yesterday, we held two events to mark the anniversary of the Winterbourne View abuse coming to light, working with #Right2Home.

At our Lunch and Learns, we looked at key rights for people in health and care settings, particularly inpatients at ATUs like Winterbourne View, how advocates can support people to challenge practices and the duty on staff to protect and respect the rights of people accessing their services.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Individual experiences of pain

  • Sensory harm in showering situations

  • Safeguarding

  • CCTV and whether this can ever be a proportionate tool for trying to stop or expose abuse

  • Restraint

  • How to support people in ATU settings or self-advocates to know more about human rights and raise human rights issues
  • The impact of Covid-related emergency laws on people rights in care settings

  • Using a human rights framework to discuss a care decision

  • How to create a culture change to prevent human rights breaches in ATUs and other settings

We then took to Twitter for a Question Time to answer questions on human rights and ATUs see our thread here for some of our responses, and this thread for the rest!

News from Elsewhere...

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  1. Winterbourne View: Families demand overhaul of 'broken' care system

    “Families of patients held in the Winterbourne View Hospital have written to the prime minister demanding better care for adults with learning disabilities.”

    BBC News, 27 May 2021

    See: Call on the Government to Transform Care Once and For All, Mencap

  2. MPs set deadline for bereaved to get public funding at inquests

    “Bereaved people have been “failed” by successive governments and by 1 October they should all receive public funding for legal representation at inquests where a public body is represented, MPs have said.”

    The Guardian, 26 May 2021

  3. Children’s commissioners urge UK government to scrap two-child limit for benefits

    “Children’s commissioners of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland say policy breaches human rights.”

    The Guardian, 26 May 2021

  4. GCHQ’s mass data interception violated right to privacy, court rules

    “Human rights judgment follows legal challenge begun in 2013 after Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing revelations.”

    The Guardian, 25 May 2021

  5. School restraint and seclusion policies in NI 'outdated'

    “The head of the public services watchdog has said she is "extremely concerned" about how some schools are restraining and isolating pupils.”

    BBC News (NI), 24 May 2021

  6. Ellis Murphy-Richards: Questions over Kent transgender teen's death

    “The inquest in Maidstone heard he was receiving care from North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) when he disclosed suicidal intentions.”

    BBC News, 24 May 2021

  7. Man took his life in jail ‘in state of starvation’ after being left without food for 48 hours

    “The failure of prison staff to provide a 43-year-old man with food and medicine over a 48-hour period contributed to his death at a London prison, an inquest has ruled.”

    The Independent, 24 May 2021

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There has been a lot of sad human rights news this week, and we know it can be overwhelming. Why not take a moment to read our blog, Value of Human Rights in Health and Social Care: from Covid-19 and beyond, to remind yourself and reflect on the value that human rights have in helping us achieve dignified and independent lives.