24 June 2021

BIHR’s round-up of the week's top human rights news, from BIHR and beyond...

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News from BIHR

Our New Work with Community and Advocacy Groups!

Last week, BIHR announced our 10 new partner organisations for our final series of free workshops for advocacy and community groups, ahead of launching our new project…

Our new project, Co-Design a Human Rights “Solution” with BIHR, seeks to support community groups and voluntary groups to find human rights “solutions” to address social justice issues using human rights. Initially, the aim is to develop this approach with a small number of partners as pilot project, to then develop our long-term offer to community groups. Find out more here!

We’re launching this new project with a workshop on 1 July 2021 for community, campaigning and advocacy organisations across the UK who are interested in working with us longer-term to support their human rights advocacy.

So … if you had a blank page what human rights support would you want from us at BIHR? What would it look like? Think outside the box, it does not need to be a training session or a resource (it could be of course!), creativity welcome!

Register here for our Zoom workshop on 1 July 2021 at 10.30am – 12pm.

  • The workshop is open to representatives of community, campaigning, and advocacy organisations across the UK.
  • To ensure as many groups as possible can join us we are limiting spaces to 2 representatives per organisation.

New Explainer

We've published a new Explainer on mental capacity and sexual relations. Click here to read it!

News from Elsewhere...

  1. Amnesty Human Rights Act Speaker Tour

    Starting next week, Amnesty UK are holding a Human Rights Act Speaker Tour with Craig Mathieson, a person with a powerful story about how he challenged the Government using the Human Rights Act and made change. The UK Government is attempting to change the law in several ways, which could lead to a reduction both in people’s human rights and our ability to challenge rights abuses.

    Join Amnesty for the Speaker Tour – there are three dates you can book on to:
  1. Transport for London evicting rough sleepers from public areas in potential breach of law

    “Notices ordering mainly Roma rough sleepers outside Tube stations to ‘leave the land immediately’ appear to be ‘both unlawful and discriminatory’, says Liberty.”

    The Independent, 20 June 2021

  2. Government plans to change law to restrict demonstrations breach human right to protest, says JCHR

    “The Government's Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (Part 3) would curb non-violent protest in a way that is inconsistent with our human rights and is deeply concerning, says the Joint Committee on Human Rights.”

    Joint Committee on Human Rights press release, 22 June 2021

  3. Disabled man left in unsuitable accommodation for 27 months, finds ombudsman

    “Despite acknowledging placement was unsuitable, council did not use best efforts to secure alternative, while care failings also led to serious breach of man’s dignity, says watchdog.”

    Community Care, 21 June 2021

  4. Sick and disabled people denied medical treatment and facilities in hotel quarantine ‘in breach of law’

    “Baby blocked from going to A&E and man who had heart attack are among individuals only allowed to leave quarantine after legal action”

    The Independent, 20 June 2021

  5. Judges not bound by European Court of Human Rights rulings, review told

    “British courts could be encouraged to diverge more from European human rights provisions under plans being considered by a government review.”

    The Times, 21 June 2021

  6. Legacy practitioners warn UK legacy proposals would ‘undermine the rule of law’

    “A group of human rights NGOs, academics and lawyers has warned that new legacy proposals from the UK government “would breach both international law and the domestic Human Rights Act, deliver impunity, bury truth recovery and fundamentally undermine the rule of law”.”

    Irish Legal News, 17 June 2021

  7. Higher ethnic minority maternity risk examined

    “A charity has launched an inquiry into why women from ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of serious harm or death in pregnancy and childbirth.”

    BBC News, 22 June 2021

  8. Child victims of sexual abuse ‘often accused of lying to police’

    “Privacy breaches leading to reprisals among complaints of those who contacted police, finds survey for England and Wales inquiry.”

    The Guardian, 24 June 2021

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There is often a lot of sad human rights news, and we know it can be overwhelming. Why not take a moment to read our blog, Value of Human Rights in Health and Social Care: from Covid-19 and beyond, to remind yourself and reflect on the value that human rights have in helping us achieve dignified and independent lives.