13 May 2021

May 2021 marks 10 years since the abuse at Winterbourne View came to light. To mark this anniversary, we’re working with #Right2Home to give people information about human rights when accessing health and care services, particularly in inpatient Assessment and Treatment Units (ATUs) like Winterbourne View.

As a human rights charity we work with people, communities and staff every day to prevent another Winterbourne View. We support people and families to challenge practice which isn’t rights respecting and work to ensure staff across all health and care services (and other services) respect and protect human rights in everything they do, every day.

Join our events on Wednesday 26 May 2021 to find out more about human rights in ATUs. This work is part of #Right2Home’s week-long campaign, and is supported by Irwin Mitchell, a law firm.

Lunch and Learns

Our Lunch and Learns are informal chats with a member of BIHR staff. We run these at lunch time on the last Wednesday of every month. We cover a different human rights topic every month. We have 3 different Lunch and Learns for the 3 different groups we work with:

  1. People accessing or trying to access public services, loved ones and carers
  2. Advocates and campaigners who support people accessing or trying to access public services
  3. Staff working in public bodies

To mark the anniversary of the abuse at Winterbourne View, May’s Lunch and Learns will look at:

  • Key rights for people in health and care settings, particularly inpatients at ATUs like Winterbourne View. 12.30 pm Wednesday 26 May.
  • The duty on staff to protect and respect the rights of people accessing their services, particularly in ATUs. 1.00pm Wednesday 26 May.
  • How advocates and campaigners can support people to challenge practices and policies which risk people’s rights. 1.30 pm Wednesday 26 May.

To join our Lunch and Learns

UPDATE: we've made it easier for people to register for our Lunch and Learns. Please use the registration links below. Once registered, you will get an email confirming your registration and providing you with a unique link to join. 


Please note that for access to future Lunch and Learns, you must be a member of our Communities of Practice – you can find out how to join here: https://www.bihr.org.uk/bihrs-communites-of-practice. Once you join you can sign up to our free events.


Question Time #ATURights

After our Lunch and Learns, we’re going to open up our Twitter to answer any questions you weren’t able to ask at the Lunch and Learns. This is to make sure that every gets chance to ask their questions about human rights in ATUs, even if they couldn’t make it to the Lunch and Learns.

We’ll start the Question Time at 3pm on Wednesday 26 May 2021. You can tweet us your questions and hastage #ATURights, or email them to Jo, our Research and Comms Assistant, at [email protected]. We’ll try to answer everyone’s questions! Our friend Kirsty, who works as a lawyer at Irwin Mitchell and is also a #Right2Home member, will be helping to answer your questions.

Make sure to check in with our Twitter from 3pm on Wednesday 26 May to see the questions and answers. You can find our Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/BIHRhumanrights, or our Twitter handle is @BIHRhumanrights.

To join our Question Time

Our Question Time will be on Twitter. We will answer questions people send us about human rights. If you have a twitter account, you can tweet us your questions: https://twitter.com/BIHRhumanrights. If you don’t have Twitter or don’t want to tweet us, just email Jo on [email protected]. Send her your questions and she’ll make sure we have them ready to answer on Wednesday 26 May.

We’ll only be able to answer questions for around 45 minutes, so make sure you send us your questions in time and check our Twitter from 3pm to see the answers. You don’t need to have a Twitter account to see the answers: https://twitter.com/BIHRhumanrights.


We look forward to seeing you and answering your questions about human rights and ATUs on Wednesday 26 May!