On Tuesday the 13th of November, in the stunning Old Hall in Liverpool Cotton Exchange, we launched our Learning disability, Autism and Human Rights short films.

Made possible by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery, supported by the People’s Postcode Trust these 6 films and importantly the process of making them together with Mencap Liverpool show what human rights mean day to day for people with a learning disability and or autism.

There are 6 films in total. The first introduces the project and those involved. The following 5 films each approach a different relevant right from our UK Human Rights Act with each following the same structure.

Firstly, an explanation of the right and what’s covered within that under our domestic Human Rights Law. Then a role play of a real life story from one of our BIHR projects acted out by Mencap Liverpool members. Each role play tells the story of a person with a learning disability and/or autism suffering an infringement of their human rights. All in a health and care setting and almost all resolved through knowledge and the confidence to use the language of human rights.

At Tuesday’s Launch, we played these short films for the first time to an audience of about 50 people and the feedback has been overwhelming. 

At BIHR we spend every day empowering people to know their rights and to use them to change things for themselves, for people they support or for organisations where they work. We do this through training, resources, policy work, events, social media and short videos like these.  But the results of this project and the impact it will have, is not down to us, we want to offer our sincere thanks to the people who made these videos such a success.

Firstly, to Mencap Liverpool members who attended the workshops but especially to Aaron, Adam, Sophie, Theresa, Paul and Ann-Marie who put their energy, passion, time and commitment into making these films over a 12 week period. To the Mencap Liverpool staff team, especially to Charlotte Crowder who organised the workshops, the filming days and the launch, without her we wouldn’t have got this far. And, finally to twinvision film production, especially to Diane and Paul who made these films what they are through their ability to put people at ease, to capture what’s meaningful and to turn that into something which will have an impact.

Please watch the films here, share and get in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.