We, at the British Institute of Human Rights have been undertaking a programme of work throughout 2018 to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

The main aims of our Celebrating 70 programme are:

  • Celebrate the 70th anniversary of the ‘grandmother’ of human rights documents, which sets out the promise of universal human rights post WWII
  • Make the links from the UDHR to the Human Rights Act (HRA), which makes that promise of universal human rights real in the UK
  • Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the HRA
  • Stress the importance of universal human rights for the future, in the context of Brexit and the increasing isolationism across the globe.

Using the ‘hook’ of these anniversaries, we are in celebratory mode, noting the achievement of the longevity of these protections and the positive impact universal human rights have on people’s lives.

Our Celebrating 70 programme of work includes:

  • Increasing awareness of the importance of universal human rights amongst civil society organisations, the public, and political influencers
  • Providing accurate, accessible information on the history of our human rights protections and relevance today
  • Marking the 20th anniversary of the HRA in November and Human Rights Day 10 Dec and supporting civil society to take action to celebratte these
  • Providing opportunities for positive discussion about human rights, and providing tools for others to raise their voices

Our Celebrating 70 UDHR Birthday Card:

Throughout this programme of events we have been gathering signatures for our digital Celebrating 70 Birthday Card. All of the individuals and organisations we’ve worked with along the way have been encouraged to gather signatures for the card showing their support for Universal Human Rights. The Birthday Card will be presented to the United Nations and in Parliament (in both Westminster and Holyrood) on Human Rights Day, December 10th 2018.  Sign up is digital; you can do here.

We need your help:

We need all of the help we can get to gather as many signatures as possible and show overwhelming support for Human Rights at a time when their future is unknown here in the UK.

If you are able to share our UDHR Birthday Card in your networks, on social media, in newsletters, at events or elsewhere we would be delighted.

Remember to tag us @BIHRhumanrights and to #celebrating70.

Also, if you are able to capture the sign up moment of your organisation, MSP, MP or other please send them to us at [email protected], we’d love to share these as a social media story board.

Here’s some text that might help:

Throughout 2018 we're #celebrating70 yrs of universal human rights in our everyday life here at home from the #UDHRto our very own Human Rights Act. Join us & sign the digital birthday card going to parliament on 10 Dec. Be heard! #StandUp4HumanRights

If, like us, you believe in #humanrights for everyone, join with us in #celebrating70 years of universal human rights; there is much to be done to make them real in people’s lives, so we must protect and use the framework for change!