Calling all Human Rights Champions!

  • Would you like to help the British Institute of Human Rights to spread the word about the positive difference human rights make to people across the UK?
  • Would you like to celebrate global Human Rights Day on 10 December?
  • Would you like to join with others in your community to organise a local action?

Then read on!

International Human Rights Day is celebrated across the globe every year on 10 December; marking the day in 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed. Each year the British Institute of Human Rights joins with others to celebrate Human Rights Day. We do this through national actions, such as coordinating our annual Human Rights Day letter signed by civil society organisations. We also do this by supporting people to organise local actions in their communities.

This year Human Rights Day takes on special significance here at home as this year is the 15th anniversary of the UK’s Human Rights Act being in force which we recently celebrated with 15 Days of Action. Following on from this success, BIHR will be marking Human Rights Day by also celebrating 15 years of universal human rights protections here at home.

Hot off the press!

BIHR is very excited to be releasing the first edition of Human Writes, our new newspaper on Human Rights Day. It’s packed full of human rights news, interviews with human rights celebrities, such as BIHR’s chair Sir Nicolas Bratza, shares real life stories on how the Human Rights Act has made a positive difference to people’s lives, dispels a few of those pesky myths about human rights, plus quizzes, crosswords and even a weather report for the Act!

How to get involved

If you would you like to help BIHR to mark Human Rights Day and celebrate 15 years of our Human Rights Act, here’s some ideas of how you can get involved:

  • Spread the word: help us distribute copies of Human Writes. We can post copies to you for a local action on 10 December to get the news out in your local area.
  • People power: organise a local action in your community to celebrate Human Rights Day. Invite your friends for a coffee morning, organise a pub quiz, or even a human rights knit-a-thon! We can provide posters and resources.
  • Blog It: write a story for our Act for UK Rights blog on what 15 years of human rights protections here at home means to you. Share your story of how you’ve used the Act, or just what you think about it.
  • Tweet: join BIHR and many others in using the hashtag #HumanRightsDay to share our human rights messages. Let’s try and get #HumanRightsDay trending on Twitter!

If you’re thinking about blogging, here’s a few key messages you may like to include or adapt…

  • Human rights are being hard fought for across the globe, and here in the United Kingdom we are fortunate to have our rights protected through the Human Rights Act.
  • International Human Rights Day is celebrated across the globe every year on 10 December; marking the day in 1948 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was signed, which after the horrors of World War II, set out the basic rights and freedoms we all have as human beings.
  • Human Rights Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate, mark, and reflect on the 15 years of protection the Human Rights Act has given us.
  • The Human Rights Act has meant that all of us here in the UK have a safety net of minimum standards that those with public power must respect and protect.
  • The Human Rights Act makes sure that public officials do not over step the mark and it has promoted a ‘culture of respect for human rights’ by making sure that basic human rights underpin the workings of government at the national and local level.
  • But conversations taking place in Westminster at the moment mean our human rights protection at home is less certain.
  • Human rights are hard won, but easily lost. Human Rights Day is an opportunity for us all to stand together, and stand up for why they matter to us, our neighbours, our communities and our country.

Why should we cherish the Human Rights Act?

  • The Human Rights Act protects us all – its universality means every one of us is protected
  • The Human Rights Act enshrines in law rights and freedoms we often take for granted here in the UK – like the right to respect for family life and freedom of expression
  • The Human Rights Act protects us all if a public officials overstep the mark
  • The Human Rights Act helps our public services to design and deliver better services through the duty on public officials to respect and protect our rights.

If you’re thinking about tweeting, here’s a few sample tweets you may like to use…

  • Human rights are a set of basic rights and freedoms that we all have because we are human - that's something to celebrate on #HumanRightsDay
  • Human Rights are legal standards setting out our protections - providing a practical framework for government #HumanRightsDay
  • Here in the UK, the #HumanRightsAct has made sure public officials respect & protect our human rights in all that they do #HumanRightsDay

At BIHR, we are constantly translating real life stories to show the impact human rights has on individuals within their everyday life. You might like to have a read through them, pick your favourite, and tweet about it!

Whatever you do, do something to help us celebrate Human Rights Day!

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