23 July 2020

Yesterday, we submitted our evidence to the UK Parliament Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) inquiry into 'the Human Rights Implications of the Government's Response to Covid-19'.

We have been busy gathering evidence through our Communities of Practice platform, surveys and our direct work across the UK. Our policy responses are directly informed by people’s real-life experiences of the issues, drawn from our work to support people to benefit from their human rights in their daily experiences. The evidence gathered through our work informs our main concerns and suggestions for the steps that need to be taken to ensure that measures taken by the Government to address the Covid-19 pandemic are human rights compliant.

To focus our work, we collected evidence from three groups we work with:

  1. People accessing (or trying to access) health and care;
  2. Staff working in health and care during Covid-19; and
  3. Advocates and campaigners

We have prepared an evidence submission for each of these groups, so that the Committee members have access to the direct experiences of all three groups when considering the Government’s response to Covid-19. We shall be publishing these reports and the Easy Read versions shortly.

In the meantime, read a summary of our key human rights findings from this work here.

Currently, our findings to the JCHR inquiry are UK-wide data, but further more detailed breakdown will be coming soon and submitted to devolved inquiries when appropriate - including the Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee (EHRiC) inquiry into the 'Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Equalities and Human Rights.

Our platforms are still open to collect evidence for the EHRiC inquiry, and for our own further reports on human rights during Covid-19. To have your voice included to the EHRiC, complete our surveys and be sure to choose "Scotland" when asked where in the UK you live. 

Surveys for the three groups:
  1. For people accessing (or trying to access) health and care
  2. Easy Read version of the people accessing (or trying to access) health and care survey
  3. For staff working in health and care during Covid-19
  4. For advocates and campaigners