The day before the Queen’s Speech, which the Prime Minister has promised will include measures to “scrap” our Human Rights Act, our Deputy Director Sanchita Hosali talks to Sky News about the damage this political debate is doing to the protection of universal human rights here at home and abroad. 

Sanchita spoke about the importance of human rights here at home for everyday life and our democracy, and our standing in the wider world should the UK repeal its own human rights laws. Sanchita says "No modern democracy has gone into a debate about changing human rights by repealing human rights law… For a country that was so involved in setting universal HR standards, for us to say that we will not be bound by them, and we are going to change them, then why would other countries be bound by that system?"

We were also pleased to be able to work with Mark Neary to ensure his son, Steven’s
story continues to be told. Steven had gone into respite care when Mark was ill, but the local authority then kept Steven from his family for a year.

Mark was able to use the Human Rights Act to get Steven home and he told his story to Sky News, bringing home the real importance of the Human Rights Act in amongst
political debate about headline stories.

You can watch the full video online here and read some more stories about how the Human Rights Act helps people in real life here.

If you are interested in these debates and speaking up then please find out more about standing Together for Human Rights here