29 September 2020

BIHR and a range of other charities and human rights groups are calling on MPs to scrap the Coronavirus Act. This campaign has been covered in the Independent, 'Coronavirus: Emergency powers law ‘lasting threat to human rights’, charities warn', 27 September 2020.

Since March, we've worked directly with 1700 people on the Coronavirus Act, human rights, law and policy. We have also conducted research with 230 people with care and support needs (including disabled people and older people), frontline staff and community groups and advocates across the UK. We know the real-life impact which the Coronavirus Act has had on people's lives.

We at BIHR are calling on the Government to commit to preserving people’s human rights and to democratic oversight. If this cannot be achieved with the Coronavirus Act in place, it must be scrapped.

This week, the Coronavirus Act is being scrutinised in Parliament in its 6-month review. We've written briefings to the House of Commons and House of Lords to raise our concerns and raise awarness of the human rights impact this law has had. Click on the button below to read our work on the 6-month review of the Coronavirus Act: