17 September 2017

In a statement to the Observer, with Children's Rights Alliance for England, Just Fair and Runnymede Trust, we flag concerns about the UK government's plan to accept less than half of UN recommendations to protect and improve human rights here at home.

The rejection of recommendations to safeguard the Human Rights Acts, and to prevent risks of regression around Brexit is particularly worrying.

David Isaac CBE, EHRC Chair issued a strongly worded warning about the UK's position.

Our Acting Director, Sanchita Hosali, in the Guardian flags:

"If the UK is to maintain its stance as a global champion of rights, we must welcome and embrace scrutiny of our human rights record here at home. It is disappointing that our government is only willing to support 42% of the UPR recommendations, and certainly does not compare favourably with other countries.”

BIHR's Human Rights Check UK project took evidence from 175 groups across Great Britain about the human rights situation here at home. Our report, submitted with 75 groups to the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review, found real concerns about the threats to the Human Rights Act, regression on both access to justice and living standards, as well as a range of other issues. Read the full report, and find out more about the UPR here.

Read the full Guardian article online here.