As part of BIHR's Human Rights Tour, Machester's local Amnesty International group will celebrate the modern relevance of the Human Rights Act for its 15th anniversary with an event in the city on 11 October, writes Neelam Tailor for Mancunian Matters.

Speaking on the event, Deputy Director of BIHR, Sanchita Hosali, said: 

With powerful voices talking about the unravelling the protection of our universal human rights here at home, it is more important than ever before for each of us to recognise what is at stake.”  

The article notes that all members of the Manchester City Council unanimously voted to retain the Human Rights Act earlier this year. The event is held in collaboration with Amnesty International Manchester, whose chair, Laura Barsby said: 

"We are very excited to have been selected by the BIHR to host this event, and bringing Human Rights Tour to Manchester this year. The history of Manchester has been shaped by the struggle of ordinary people for democracy and fundamental rights, from the Peterloo Massacre to the Women’s Suffrage Movement. And in 2015 when our rights are once again under threat, we want to ensure people in our community know just how important and valuable the Human Rights Act is.”

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