Following the General Election results, Stephen Bowen, BIHR’s Director comments on the new Government’s stated commitment to “scrap” the Human Rights Act and replace with a “British Bill of Rights”:

“At the British Institute of Human Rights we are clear that we have a bill of rights and it’s called the Human Rights Act.”

“We believe the Conservative proposals are little more than an act of vandalism, seeking to replace universal human rights agreed the world over with a lesser version, essentially the Government telling us what human rights we can have to protect us from them.”

“Whoever tries to implement these proposals, we will be encouraging them to think again and protect what protects us all – our Human Rights Act.”

You can read coverage of our commentary here, in the Sunday Mirror “Campaigners blast Michael Gove and Tories over 'vandalism' of plans to scrap Human Rights Act” (10 May 2015)

For an in-depth look at what the new Government’s plans for the Human Rights Act mean for people here at home, check out our Deputy Director’s blog “After the Election: The Human Rights Act, Protect what protects us all”, here.