What could happen?

The current government has promised to “scrap” the Human Rights Act. The Conservative Party won the General Election in 2015 with a continued manifesto commitment to ‘scrap the Human Rights Act and curtail the role of the European Court of Human Rights.’ Since then, the government has made repeated commitments to bring forward a new Bill of Rights to ‘reform and modernise our human rights legal framework and restore common sense.’ The government has indicated this will happen once the details of Brexit are known.

What BIHR thinks

Looking at the statements from government, we are concerned this will take us away from universal human rights. As a charity whose role is to ensure the protection of human rights, our analysis focuses on the impact of any proposals, not party politics.
We are dismayed by calls to scrap the HRA and/or replace it with so-called “home-grown” versions that take us away from human rights standards universally recognised across the world.

March for Human Rights is your chance to say I’m Alright with Human Rights, to speak up and protect what protects us all, join in our action today.