December 2020

2020 has made the importance of human rights protections even clearer to so many of us. One the 9 December 2020 the UK government announced a review of the Human Rights Act, the main law that protects our human rights in the UK.

At BIHR we see every day the real-life change making possibilities for people’s lives. Possibilities that will be lost, if the protections in our Human Rights Act are watered down or removed.

We want to amplify the voices of people who are using human rights to make change. So on 10 December, global Human Rights Day, we launched a new video project: “Making Change Through Human Rights”. We want decision makers know that human rights matter to people across the UK, and that when human rights are upheld, this supports people to be treated with dignity, respect and without discrimination.

Get involved

Have you used human rights to create change over the last year? Maybe you have used human rights to challenge a decision or to make sure your views have been heard? We would love to hear your story and include it in our video project.

If you are interested in starring in our video, please contact us on [email protected] 

Let's starts with a video from our Director, Sanchita!

Here is Ian, who is one of the people we have worked with:

This is Sarah Jay, who is a staff member working in health and social care:

This is Leo, who is campaigner on human rights issues: