The Legal Education Foundation have funded us to translate the practical resources co-produced on a previous BIHR project into an interactive, accessible and wide reaching online tool.

This tool #KnowYourHumanRights aims to support people with mental health and/or mental capacity needs to know when their rights might be at risk and how to use the law to resolve these issues.

This video tells you how to use the tool.

You can access the tool here:  

Whats in the Tool? 

The tool includes information about human rights, flowcharts to support people to identify if their issue is a human rights one and if so how to raise it.  It also has a range of resources such as downloadable letter templates and accessible mini guides.





The Difference It Makes

We have already heard some amazing stories from people using our new online advocacy tool in real life.

Such as the advocate who who used it to help stop an older couple being split up in different care homes and the mother who used the tool to help her write a letter of complaint about her son's treatment and placement in ATUs.




We Need Your Help!

We think this tool has a lot of potential to create change. For this to happen we need to get the tool out to the people that need it.

Please share with your networks and on social media:



...And Your Feedback!

BIHR have incorporated the views and expertise of professional advocates, self-advocates and individual practitioners into the many stages of the tool’s development. We are still continuing to collect feedback and measure the impact of the tool to ensure it stays relevant and useful to the people that use it. If you would like to provide feedback please contact us: [email protected]

This project has been kindly funded by The Legal Education Foundation.