Five key messages about our Human Rights Act

1. Our Human Rights Act makes the promise of universal human rights here at home a reality, protecting every one of us, no matter who we are

Human rights are not playthings for governments to give and take away from us when they choose. Your Human Rights Act It’s about the universal standards agreed the world over after World War II to say governments don’t have the power to say who counts and who doesn’t.

2. Our Human Rights Act is about everyone and ensuring our government is accountable and not above the law

Our Human Rights Act protects every one of us, no matter who we are, ensuring a basic set of minimum standards throughout our lives. It keeps a check on government and public power, empowering us to seek accountability when the line is crossed and harm is caused.

3. Our Human Rights Act makes our democracy work, so that everyone has a voice

Our Human Rights Act means that in a system of majority rule, we all still have our basic rights and freedoms respected and no one gets left behind.

4. Our Human Rights Act empowers us all to make a positive difference in our everyday lives

Our Human Rights Act places legal duties on public authorities to respect human rights in their decisions and actions. This is about everyday issues like helping victims of sexual violence get justice for failures in the criminal justice system, protects older people against falling standards of care, or stops drastic cuts to care packages for disabled people.

5. Our Human Rights Act helps the UK show world leadership in protecting human rights

At a time when we see severe human rights violations taking place across the world, our strong protection of human rights at home strengthens our voice in speaking out on the international stage to defend the rights of others.