Welcome to the BIHR Health Hub! 

This hub brings together BIHR's work to put human rights at the heart of health and care. We have been working for over 15 years to support organisations to use human rights to improve health and care services. We have worked across the sectors, with NHS Trusts, local authorities, regulators, advocacy and support groups and other voluntary sector organisations. Our work shows that human rights can be a useful, practical tool for those working in health and care to improve services and outcomes for people.

Whether you work in service design or delivery, as an advocate or support worker, regulator, if you use services yourself or care for someone who does, there's something on the hub for you. The information collated here aims to empower you to know about human rights and use them in your daily work/life to ensure services are treating people with dignity and respect

You can find out WHY we are focusing on human rights in health and care, WHO we have worked with, HOW we have approached this work and WHAT we have achieved so far. Just scroll over the tabs at the top of the site to navigate between pages, or click the BIHR tick icon to go back to the main home page.

Knowing about your human rights is important when you are using health and care services, as it can help you to make sure you are treated with dignity and respect by services. If you have concerns about the care you are receiving, you can use human rights to discuss this with the practitioners providing your care to try to alter the decisions they make and the way they are treating you.

We have produced a series of booklets about your human rights when you are receiving health and care services. They aim to give you information about your human rights, what rights you have and who has duties to protect your rights. The booklets also contain lots of information about the steps you can take to identify whether your issue is about human rights, and if so how you can go about challenging it. The booklets are below. We also have some posters about human rights.

Mental health and mental capacity

These booklets are for anyone with a mental health or mental capacity issue. They aim to give you information about your human rights when you are using health and care services. 

Mental Health, Mental Capacity: My human rights gives you information about your human rights and which rights are most relevant to your mental health or mental capacity care or treatment.


This booklet is also available in accessible format


Mental Health, Mental Capacity: Raising a Human Rights Issue gives you tips on how you can identify whether an issue you have with your care or treatment is about your human rights, and if so, how to raise it using human rights. It is a workbook with flowcharts and worked through examples, to be used with the support of an advocate or carer if necessary.