Thanks to Ian for sharing the image of him and his family.

Ian shared this story at the Lived Experience Roundtable that BIHR and Liberty held with the Independent Human Rights Act Review Panel. You can read more about this here.

About Ian

Ian is a carer for his wife and son, who have a range of health and medical needs, including learning disabilities, dementia and autism. He also works with NHS England’s Care, Education and Treatment programme as an expert by experience, is a local champion for the Challenging Behaviour Foundation and volunteer for a number of charities and groups such as The Carers Trust, Healthwatch, Mind Ed, and a national charity called Bringing Us Together.

Ian is a regular at BIHR's online Lunch & Learns where he discusses his experiences of using the Human Rights Act and get's support from BIHR staff and other attendees.

How Ian uses the Human Rights Act:

Ian has used the Human Rights Act legal duties to challenge a range of poor practice in health and care in everyday advocacy. He has used the Human Right Act, as a carer and an advocate for others, to:

In Ian’s own words:

Ian spoke at a recent round table event where he shared his experiences of using the Human Rights Act with the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act panel: 

“Human Rights are so important, to help us ensure that public services do the right thing. My most important plea to the Panel is that the Review in no way reduces people’s human rights under the Human Rights Act. If anything, we should end up with something which is more robust and inclusive.”