In 2011 BIHR had a radical idea … instead of talking about what ordinary people think about human rights and the Human Rights Act we would take to the roads and talk to people about these issues.

What is the Human Rights Tour?

Every year, working in partnership with local organisations – from police services to councillors, hospitals to advocacy groups, disabled people’s organisations to umbrella groups – BIHR takes the human rights conversation into the heart of our communities.

5000 people have told us …

The Human Rights Tour provides much needed space for:

  • people to reflect and consider their thoughts and feelings
  • capacity-building sessions which are  real, relevant and resonate - accurate but not technical!
  • open questions on the law, media and politics – the ability to ask experts anything and receive an authoritative but accessible answer

And this leads to change on how people think and feel about human rights:

  • information, deliberation and discussion empowers people to question and challenge themselves and others
  • it is possible to engage with people on the difficult issues and change hearts and minds

Get involved!

Sadly, powerful voices are talking about unravelling the protection of our universal human rights here at home, often focusing on extreme cases and snippets of the full story. At BIHR we know from working with people across the UK that there is an appetite to know more, to be better informed, and not simply take what those with power say at face value.

Watch this space for more information about the 2016 Human Rights Tour and how you can work with us to bring the human rights conversation to your community!