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Co-design a Human Rights Support Solution with BIHR 2024

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Date: June 19 2024

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Are you part of a community group that wants to use a human rights-based approach?

BIHR is offering community and voluntary groups across the UK the opportunity to co-design a support “solution” using human rights with our support from July to December 2024. This is part of BIHR’s wider Community Programme 2022-2025, funded by the Baring Foundation, which aims to strengthen the voice of community and voluntary groups across the UK to address social justice issues using human rights.

Click below to find out more about whether this programme is right for your community group.

Click here to watch video recordings from our launch event on 22 May 2024.

BIHR will select four community organisations to co-design a support solution which helps to address issues affecting you and the people you work with.

This offer is open to community and voluntary groups which:

  • Work directly with people who access, or try to access, public services.
  • Are based in the UK.
  • Work on issues which can be supported using the UK Human Rights Act.
  • Have an annual income of less than £750,000*.

*Click here for an explanation of BIHR’s income limits on this programme.

We believe the potential of the Human Rights Act to enable people to flourish across all aspects of their lives has not yet been realised. A lot of our practical human rights work is in areas traditionally seen as economic and social rights, such as health, housing, education, care provision and social support, but using the Human Rights Act. As a charity, our mission is focused on enabling the best use of the protections and the duties under the Human Rights Act, using this legal framework to bring about social change beyond the courtrooms.

It is important to be clear that this is what we mean when we use the term ‘human rights’. It means we are focused on the Human Rights Act, guided by the law, and realising its practical potential with people in many areas. We do not work on international human rights laws, or other UK laws that cover some rights issues, such as the Equality Act.

A human rights support solution is a resource that will help you to tackle an issue that is affecting the human rights of people living in your community. The solution will depend on who it’s designed for, what the issues are, what you want to achieve, and how the information will be shared with people effectively.

In previous years, BIHR has supported a range of community groups, from self-advocacy groups to charities, working to support the human rights of women, children, people with a learning disability and autistic people, and more.

Previous solutions have included:

  • Easy Read postcards to help people with a learning disability to know and speak up for their human rights.
  • A staff handbook to help staff working at a women’s centre to understand how to identify and raise human rights issues.
  • A guide for people accessing a support service for families recovering from trauma.

You can click here to find out more about our previous support solutions.

This is an exciting opportunity to think creatively about how human rights can support your work. Previous solutions might give you an idea of what’s possible, but this is about working together with BIHR to create a resource that will help you to use human rights in the way that works best for your unique organisation.

On this co-design programme, BIHR will offer:

  • 6 months of BIHR’s expert Human Rights Act programme support from July to December 2024, including a half-day introductory workshop on the Human Rights Act. This package of support has a monetary value of at least £8,500 per community group.
  • Project management and planning support by a senior member of the BIHR team.
  • Input from BIHR’s wider team who have a range of expertise and experience across issues and nations of the UK. You can read about our team here.
  • Timely and easily understandable communications, with a commitment to a collaborative and positive working style.
  • A commitment to authentic co-production and dedicating space and time to developing a support solution in partnership. This may involve BIHR visiting your community group face-to-face at one point during the programme.
  • Coordination of any face-to-face events and meetings, including booking venues and travel, and ensuring accessibility for everyone involved.
  • An event for Human Rights Day in December 2024 to share the final solutions we have made together.
  • Support with the dissemination of final solutions.
  • An ongoing evaluation process with opportunities to share what is going well and what BIHR can improve.

BIHR is a small charity trying to achieve big change across the UK by supporting others to understand and use the Human Rights Act beyond the courtrooms.

This year’s co-design programme involves a 6-month commitment from the four selected community groups from July to December 2024. It is important that our partners can meaningfully engage with the co-design process, as this will enable the solution we co-design to be genuinely useful for your organisation, the people you support, and possibly beyond. Spaces on this programme are sought after, so we ask that you only apply if you can meet the below commitments.

On this co-design programme, we ask that community groups can:

  • Maintain contact with the BIHR team to plan, co-produce, test and share your support solution between July and December 2024.
  • Bring people in your community group together to be involved in this programme. This could be your colleagues, volunteers, or people you support.
  • Think creatively! Your solution could look very different to what BIHR has co-designed before.
  • Collect and share feedback with BIHR on the co-design process and the impact of the final solution.
  • Follow the timelines of the co-design process.
  • Ensure the attendance of at least two people from your organisation at the following online and face-to-face events:
Date & Time Event Location

Wednesday 17 July

1.30 - 4.30pm

Workshop: Introduction to the Human Rights Act for Community Groups Online via Zoom

Wednesday 24 July

11am - 3pm

Define Workshop

In person.

Venue TBC - we will arrange travel with selected groups in early July 2024.

Tuesday 10 December Human Rights Day Event Venue TBC.

We understand that things come up along the way and sometimes things are beyond control. However, before you apply, it is important that you consider your capacity to participant in BIHR’s co-design programme in the timescales. Sadly, we have had situations where organisations apply for our support but are then unable to engage, depriving another small organisation of this opportunity. We would like to avoid this happening again.

If you feel your participation will be possible, please do include as much information in your application as you can to help us with the selection process. We will not be contacting applicants for further information after we have received your application, so please make sure you answer all the questions fully.

Please click the button at the top of this page to complete your application on Google Forms.

Click here for an Easy Read application form.

If you would like to submit your application by audio or video, or if you have questions about the application process, please contact us on

Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday 19 June.

We will contact successful applicants on Monday 1 July. We require email confirmation of your participation in this programme by Wednesday 3 July, and if we do not hear back we will offer the place to another applicant.

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