The UK Government has pledged to replace our Human Rights Act with its own Bill of Rights. They set out some of their plans in a recent Consultation and, in the words of our CEO, Sanchita, it's all about "weakening our rights and reducing their responsibility to us." We need you to continue raising awareness of the risks to our human rights from these proposals and help us stand up for our human rights!

One way you can do this is to write to your MP to show how much you care about human rights. We want to ask MPs, the elected politicians who represent us, to protect our rights. 

We've identified five key concerns in the planned changes and are creating briefing papers to explain each one in a bit more detail. We've created template letters addressing each issue that you can customise and send to your MP. These can be printed, folded in half and sent as postcards, sent as letters or attached to emails to your MP. There are different postcard designs to choose from.

Access all our template letters as fully customisable Word documents here.

Alternatively, if you are short on time, we have created forms which you can fill in and have your completed template letter emailed to you. Watch our one-minute video to see how it works:

Click an issue to get the right form and start your letter: