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Click here to download our Easy Read template letter.


The Government is asking people to tell them what they think about their plans to change the Human Rights Act.

If you need to use the Easy Read or audio versions of the consultation questions, you can ask the Government for more time.

Groups who support people using these versions can also ask for more time to tell the Government what they think.

You must do this before the 19th of April 2022.





People and groups who use Easy Read or audio translations who have already sent their thoughts to the Government can still ask for more time.

You can use their new materials to help you tell the Government more about what you think.

Click here for Easy Read Instructions on how to ask the Government for more time.

Our template letter has suggestions for things you can tell the Government.


You do not have to use it.


You can change the letter so it says what you want to say.

This template letter is supported by organisations including:

· All Wales People First

· My Life My Choice

· Pembrokeshire People First

Click here to download this template letter.


· you need to fill in the bits of the letter in the green boxes

· you can add in why the Human Rights Act matters to you in the orange box

To send your letter to the Government you can email: [email protected]



Remember you must do this by the 19th of April 2022.

BIHR is an independent charity.

We have been helping people tell the Government what they think about plans to change our Human Rights Act.


If you want to tell us what you told the Government, you can email us on [email protected]. This will help us know how many people we have helped.