On the 10th May 2022, the UK Government set out its plans for the upcoming parliamentary year in the Queen’s Speech and Lobby Pack. The Government confirmed it wants to introduce a new Bill of Rights that would replace our Human Rights Act.

The Government gave very little information in its speech, making it hard for people to get to grips with what replacing our Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights would look like and how it would impact all of us. 

At BIHR, we are hugely concerned about the Government's plans. Human rights exist to set limits on state power and the changes being suggested would; 

  • decrease accountability of the state
  • increase reliance on the European Court of Human Rights
  • make it harder for all of us to access our rights
  • make it harder to access justice when our rights are breached by the state 

We haven't yet seen a Bill or a draft (a Bill is the name of something before it becomes a law, you can read our explainer on this here) and we don't know when that will happen. However, in their Consultation on Human Rights Act Reform, the Government's questions gave us an idea of what changes they are thinking about making.

Members of Parliament and Peers (those who sit in the House of Lords) will have to consider these changes when the time comes and all of us who want to protect our human rights will have to be ready to campaign.

Below we will be posting the important information which we hope will support all of us to challenge the replacement of our Human Rights Act.