On the 8 March BIHR submitted our response to the UK Government's Human Rights Act Reform Consultation (find out more about the consultation on our Hub, here). 

Read our consultation response here

Our consultation is the culmination of engagement work across the UK, over the last 12 weeks, which has gathered the experience-led views of 250 people through our plain language and Easy Read workshops and surveys. Together with our expertise on both human rights law and practice in the UK, we have also drawn on engagement activities conducted for the Independent Review of the Human Rights Act in 2021, in which another 400 people were directly involved. 

We have done this, and answered the consultation questions because without doing so, the voices of so many who oppose the watering down of our human rights protection, would have gone unheard by the Government. The consistent message from our stakeholders, and drawing on over 20 years of our own expertise is to not replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights. We need Human Rights Act implementation, not tampering with our protections, by the very people who have responsibility to uphold our rights: the Government and bodies exercising public power. 

As one of the people responding to our Plain Language Survey on the proposed reforms said: