The UK Government created an Independent Human Rights Act Review (The Review) in December 2020. This was set up following the Conservative party’s pledge to “relook” at the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA). The Review recently launched a call for evidence which is supposed to look at 20 years of the HRA’s operation - the deadline for responding is 3 March 2021. In response to the Review, The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) has opened an inquiry into the review and is also gathering evidence - the deadline for this evidence is 19 February 2021.

The questions are quite narrow, and focus on how the HRA works in courtrooms, and the relationship between government, parliament and the courts. This does not reflect 20 years of the HRA’s operation. We know from working with people, community organisations and public bodies that the HRA can be a powerful practical tool for advocacy, for planning, delivering and securing rights-respecting services, and to support calls to change policy and legislation which is not rights compliant.

Alongside other organisations, BIHR are here to support you to have your voice heard in the HRA Reviews. You can find all our resources here. Here is a range of resources from other organisations:

Reach Advocacy: Blog

Take a look at Reach Advocacy's blog, 'The Independent Review of the Human Rights Act- What you need to know!'. Here you'll find a great intro to the Reviews and to the HRA.

Human Rights Consortium Scotland & JustRight Scotland: Short Guide

Human Rights Consortium Scotland & JustRight Scotland have put together a handy Short Guide to responding to the HRA Review for civil society organisations in Scotland - access it here.