Wednesday 8th September 2021 – 2.30pm – 4pm

We know that talking with people who have lived experience of interacting with public bodies is key to understanding how policy should be made. If you or your loved ones interact with public bodies and services and have an interest in government consultations, we would like to invite you to our first workshop in the project. 

You might have previously responded to a consultation, call for evidence or a government survey that shapes policy. If so, we would like to hear about how you found the process. We would also like to hear from people that have wanted to respond but haven’t felt able to. We need to hear about what stopped you from engaging, and what could be done to encourage people with lived experience to help shape policy that affects them.

If you are a person that accesses public services anywhere in the UK– such as the NHS, local authorities etc, and you have an interest in the way that consultations are ran either by the UK government or locally, please join our workshop on Wednesday 8th September 2021 – 2.30pm – 4pm, on Zoom. 

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Take our survey

If you can't come to a workshop, you prefer giving your views in written format, or you simply want to tell us more, you can complete our Easy Read survey. This open to anyone who has taken part in a government consultation, as well as anyone who has wanted to take part in a government consultation but hasn't been able to.