The political parties have made various statements about the Human Rights Act and/or the European Convention in their manifestos. You can find out what is being promised in our manifesto run down here.

It is vital that the Human Rights Act (and the Convention) are both protected now and for future generations in the UK. The Convention sets out the basic rights we should all have – to life, liberty, privacy, fair trial to name a few – but it is the Human Rights Act which means we can access these rights here in the UK. That means not simply that we can go to a British court, but that we can also use our human rights in the way we deliver public services, and when our rights are being respected we can use human rights to negotiate better solutions. 

Read our short briefings here:

  You can also watch and share our 2 min video on the Human Rights Act:

Remember, the General Election is a key time to make sure our human rights are protected. Many organisations who are part of BIHR’s Human Rights Alliance (find out more here) have been raising the importance of our Human Rights Act in their election work – check out some examples here.