9 June 2017


Commenting on today’s General Election result, Stephen Bowen, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights said:

“The British Institute of Human Rights calls on the new government to pledge its support for our human rights laws and institutions.

Any new government has an opportunity to shape the future of our country. A future which must be guided by our values of justice and respect, fairness and dignity; brought to life by ensuring respect for everyone’s human rights.

In the wake of devastating recent attacks, we have seen human rights used as a political football. But we have also seen compassion and commitment to stand firm on the very values that these attacks seek to destroy. We call on the incoming government to show leadership in these turbulent times, and stand firm on our human rights. Rights that were forged in the most difficult of times in the aftermath of two World Wars, by a global movement striving to set down in law our shared values for all people.

The British Institute of Human Rights stands ready to support all efforts to respect and protect our Human Rights Act and the European Convention on Human Rights.”


Access BIHR's 1 page briefing on why the Human Rights Act matters, read our response to coverage on tearing up the Human Rights Act just days before the election, and watch our 2 min video below:



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The British Institute of Human Rights is an independent charity committed to bringing human rights to life across the UK by empowering people to know what human rights are, to use them in everyday life beyond the courtrooms, and to ensure those in power respect and progress our human rights laws.


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