At BIHR we believe that human rights are the cornerstone of a modern democratic society, providing the rule book for governments on how they should treat us. In this way human rights provide a vital safety-net for us all, setting out the basic minimums that everyone should have simply because we are human.

Here at home our Human Rights Act provides the foundation which helps to make this a reality, ensuring our rights and freedoms are protected by the law of the land. Find out more about the Human Rights Act here.

Why human rights at home matter

Through our unique change projects BIHR sees how human rights laws are not simply about courtrooms, but are about ensuring each of us are treated with equal dignity and respect in daily life. We see how human rights can improve policy making, strengthen campaigning, and empower people to make sure those in power play fair.

We believe the potential of the Human Rights Act, to enable people to flourish across all aspects of their lives, has not yet been realised. We are committed to enabling people to make the best use of their protections and the duties of public officials under the Human Rights Act, using this legal framework to create social change beyond the courtrooms.

Through our work we demonstrate the value of human rights for people in their everyday lives, which also makes unique contribution by demonstrating why the Human Rights Act (and its rights and duties) are important for us all and vital to the UK's position as a modern democracy.

It is fundamental to ensure we tell the positive story of the Human Rights Acts's impact for every one, everyday securing it in the UK's legal framework.

Read more about human rights a tool for social change here.

What we think about current debates 

Supporting the Human Rights Act is not about party politics. When the Human Rights Act 1998 was passed it was with cross-party support by parliament.

At BIHR we think that before the conversation moves on to changing our human rights laws, people should be empowered to know what the Human Rights Act is (and is not), understanding how it works not just in the courts but in our everyday lives. That foundation enables people to make informed decisions about whether there is in fact a problem that requires change, and what that change should look like.

Human Rights and Brexit

Brexit remains the key issue on the UK's political agenda, bringing significant uncertainty. We asked experts to contribute to a series of blogs on how Human Rights will be effected by Brexit