Sanchita Hosali

"I never knew human rights were about getting access to the healthcare I need." This is something we hear daily at BIHR in helping people use the law in everyday discussions with services, to make sure they're treated with dignity and respect.

Two years ago I broke my ankle foot and leg and needed immediate surgery (and lots of physio and follow up surgery). Being able to access NHS treatment was vital. But as a patient I also saw first hand how, in understaffed, overstretched services, it is so easy to lose sight of people, and that rather than protecting our rights, we can end up in situations where basic dignity, respect and equality is disregarded. I was "lucky" because I knew my human rights, and could advocate for myself, and the older woman with dementia in the bed next to me who was verbally humiliated for soiling herself.

Others aren't so lucky, and staff aren't always confident to challenge things internally. That's why BIHR exists, we help people using services and staff running them to know what himan rights law says and to use this to make change happen. Change which means our services are places of safety, care and dignity. That's why on 1 Sept I'm taking on The Nuts Challenge obstacle course race, awarded the Toughest Event in 2018’s Mudstacle Awards! 

Its a pretty gruelling challenge, to raise money to help BIHR keep making positive change in people's everyday lives across the UK. Like the saying goes, every penny helps!

Thank you!

Sanchita Hosali