Fazeela shared this story at the Lived Experience Roundtable that BIHR and Liberty held with the Independent Human Rights Act Review Panel. You can read more about this here.

About Fazeela

 Fazeela Hafejee has over 20 years’ senior strategic leadership experience in the Health and Social Care field as a Social Worker. She qualified as one of the first independent Mental Capacity Act (IMCA) professionals in 2005. Fazeela has extensive experience of supporting individuals who need care and support, their families and/or carers and organisations to meet their needs. She is passionate about social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversity and inclusion.


How does Fazeela and her colleagues use the Human Rights Act:

 Fazeela uses the HRA in decisions involving capacity and detention ensuring that any restriction of the right to liberty is lawful, legitimate and proportionate. Fazeela shared with the Panel that social work teams across the UK, use the HRA every day to make crucial decisions about care and support for individuals and their loved ones.


In Fazeela’s own words:

 “Social Workers are working within the HRA every day, every decision. My team and I use the HRA as a legal framework for making right-respecting decisions. There is a specific focus on the right to life, the right to liberty and to private and family life within social work practice.

 My fear is that changing the HRA could water down protections that social workers use every day to uphold rights in practice.”