Paul was a young person who had suffered traumatic experiences in his home borough over 14 years. He was involved in a lengthy legal battle to be rehoused somewhere he felt safe, away from the trauma of his past. 

Paul attended a youth empowerment project run by BIHR and a local supported housing organisation. We ran sessions on the Human Rights Act and explored with young people what this meant for them and their lives. This gave him the confidence to speak up and apply his rights to the difficult situation he was facing.

Paul decided to write a letter to the court. He explained how he felt his rights had been interfered with and the impact this had had on his mental and physical well-being, which he had learned was protected by Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

Following this, Paul was provided with safe housing outside the borough. He said the most important outcome for him was not only his rehousing, but the feeling that he had a right to a voice and to be heard.