When did you intern at BIHR? 

I interned at BIHR between July 2013 and August 2013, helping out on and off until August 2015. 

What were you doing before your BIHR internship? 

I interned at BIHR while studying for an LLB Law at QMUL.

What did you do during your BIHR internship?

I completed research on the perpetuated myths surrounding the European Convention of Human Rights and the European Union for the BIHR's Human Rights Tour, which allowed the staff to educate the public as to how MPs and journalists wrongly portray rights as a hate figure dictating UK policy.

I also looked behind the tabloid and news headlines to discover that the judgements were being distorted to create public outcry.  Research into local human rights cases was also carried out to help the local residents to connect with human rights, making them more accessible and real. This helped to ensure that those coming to the Tour realise that human rights protect people and they do it close to home. Similarly, positive articles were discovered that did not credit human rights as the remedy. I did an evaluative project regarding the Mental Capacity Act too.

I was a peer facilitator at the Human Rights Here and Now Project 2014, a seminar on child rights and I was invited to the ECHR's 60th Anniversary celebrations.

What did you do after your BIHR internship?

I finished my degree with a high 2:1 while using my passion for human rights to fight for the equality of QMUL’s Disabled Students’ Representative. I then did an LLM in Human Rights Law and now I am finishing my BPTC and LLM in Clinical Legal Education. I founded the Association of Disabled Lawyers and have worked with charities and facilitated workshops as well. The values of accessible human rights information, which was learned at BIHR, is always part of my activities.